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We are incredibly pleased to announce that NJ Lenders Corp. has been named one of the top places to work in New Jersey by . Our recognition brings incredible value to our company as we have earned this coveted distinction by the nominations of our own employees.  This year, in the midst of an unprecedented health event, our employees have banded together to prove their extraordinary commitment to our industry. Supporting an engaged, diverse, and valuable team has proven to be essential to maintaining what matters most- family. With 267 employees, the NJ Lenders family knows the importance of sticking together, which is why our family is proud to work for yours. Since 1991, NJ Lenders has helped over 75,000 families find their perfect home and face their mortgage needs with confidence. Our dedication to fostering a stronger workplace has manifested in success both in and out of the office: “We are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated, caring and hard working team in place to help our clients achieve their dream of owning their first home, trading up or lowering their monthly payments to improve their family’s financial condition”, said Glenn Durr, Partner of NJ Lenders Corp. For almost 30 years, we’ve dedicated our time, experience, and knowledge to becoming our very best, which is what has led us to opening 15 offices  and becoming licensed in 9 different states as well.  Being named as one of the top places to work in the Garden State has reaffirmed what we’ve known all along- that by dedicating ourselves to our employees, fostering a supportive atmosphere, and ...

VeechTeam is excited to welcome Joe Anthony in the position of Loan Officer Assistant/Marketing!  Joe’s exceptional sales and marketing skills together with his love of interacting and connecting with people makes him a great fit for our team.  In addition to increasing our on-line and social media visibility, Joe will be instrumental in ensuring that each client has an outstanding mortgage experience and receives Level 10 customer service every step of the way.  Feel free to drop a comment of congratulations and welcome to Joe!  Getting To Know Joe 1. What was the best concert you ever attended? Either Pearl Jam at MSG or Metallica at Yankee Stadium. Too hard to pick one. 2. Where is your favorite place in the world? The tee box on hole #1 3. What’s the last book you read? “Gator”. It’s the biography of Ron Guidry. 4. What’s your favorite movie? Pulp Fiction. 5. What series are you currently streaming? Currently watching the Outsider on HBO. 6. Who is your least favorite super hero? Super-Man. He is an incredibly unrelatable character. 7. What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? Can’t go wrong with a good steak, but I also enjoy every time I get to eat good lobster ravioli. 8. What’s your secret talent no one knows about? I can Juggle, it’s not as cool as it sounds.

LITTLE FALLS, N.J. (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 29, 2019 Effective starting on October 15th, 2019, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has published a new condominium approval process  to help credit-worthy first-time buyers attain affordable and sustainable homeownership. The new rule will now allow certain individual condominium units to obtain FHA mortgage insurance , even if the condo project is not FHA approved. In the new Condominium Project Approval section of the Single Family Housing Policy Handbook, you can find the detailed revision and changes to the FHA condominium project approval policy. However, the main points of the FHA’s new rule include the following… A new single-unit approval process will now make it easier for individual condominium units to be eligible for FHA-insured financing The recertification requirement for approved condominium projects will now be extended from two to three years More mixed-use projects will now be eligible for FHA insurance The new FHA rule should substantially help eligible borrowers including first-time homebuyers , as well as seniors who may be looking to downsize. Based on this new policy, it is estimated that 20,000-60,000 condominium units could potentially become eligible for FHA-insured financing annually.

LITTLE FALLS, N.J. (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 NJ Lenders Corp. is excited to announce and welcome Robert Gaccione  as our new Director of Commercial Lending . Gaccione brings 20 years-worth of commercial lending experience to NJ Lenders, and the company is excited to have his expertise. “I chose commercial lending so that I can help customers once they have bought their own home to now take a step further and possibly enhance their retirement with investment properties,” said Gaccione. “Maybe they will even have the opportunity to start their own businesses and be more entrepreneurial.” Gaccione, who specializes in loans from $500,000-$5,000,000, will help build a commercial division to enhance NJ Lenders, and will give the residential loan officers further assistance with their clients who have loans outside of the residential box. Furthermore, he’s hoping that will only solidify the residential loan officer’s relationship with their clients even more so. READ ENTIRE PRWEB PRESS RELEASE BY CLICKING HERE

LITTLE FALLS, N.J. (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 The interns of NJ Lenders Corp. recently spent their time giving back to those in need. They all attended the Youth Consultation Services Foundation (YCS) in Hackensack , where NJ Lenders donated $1,000 worth of school supplies for kids with special needs. They also spent time with the children and threw them a pizza party and handed out ice cream. NJ Lenders is a part of the charity, where YCS provides services to thousands of New Jersey families who have children (birth to adulthood) with special needs. Some of the children in their group homes have been separated from their loved ones, and affected by different things like trauma, or intellectual or developmental disabilities. The YCS staff is incredible and offers individualized educational, mental health, and/or behavioral health programming to the children. NJ Lenders is proud to be a part of YCS, and is honored to be able to help in any way, and to put a smile on the kid’s faces. It was a great day for the interns, and one they are sure to always remember. READ FULL PRWEB PRESS RELEASE BY CLICKING HERE

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